The World of Brand Identity Design With Ramotion

Ramotion is a successful design agency that has a keen eye for developing brand identity. With a work ethic that keeps the company intentionally small, they have some very famous clients, such as Firefox, who have enjoyed the benefits of rebranding. Read on to find out more about what makes this company tick.

  • The Beginnings of Ramotion

Ramotion formally came into existence a decade ago when it was registered as an American company. Since 2011 the company has continued to have its headquarters in the US but utilises a distributed workforce model. Ramotion employs a multidisciplinary team of designers and developers that are based within the US and Europe, offering UI/UX design for websites, mobile devices and web applications to clients all over the world. 

The company made an impact during its first year when it designed the Turnplay App. Turnplay brought a new way of listening to music to the iPad, with a realistic record player. The App was so successful that it was featured on USA Today and was the start of Ramotion making a name for themselves and being selected to develop and rebrand some of the most well-known brands in the world.

  • Who Does Ramotion Work With?

Ramotion enjoy working with a range of businesses, including startups and Fortune 500 companies. With a distributed team of experts across the US and Europe, the company is kept intentionally small to ensure each organisation gets a dedicated and committed approach. Ramotion works with a few clients at a time, producing quantifiable business goals and a strong design framework early in the relationship to allow businesses to be empowered to continue maintaining the consistent product that Ramotion has helped to build. 

  • Big Name Brands

One of the biggest clients to have employed the services of Ramotion is the Firefox brand. The Mozilla locomotive product was trusted by thousands of people across the world, with the Firefox web browser being a household name. Ramotion were brought in to help combine the Firefox Browser with a number of existing but less well-known products, as well as some brand new products under one umbrella without losing the trust that had been developed over the years by the brand. 

Other big-name brands that Ramotion have helped along the way include Netflix, who commissioned Ramotion to produce a series of visual concepts that were designed to improve the user experience, and Adobe, whose visual identity for Adobe family products were improved. 

  • Helping Startups Identify Their Brand

Ramotion have also been involved in helping Startup businesses to develop their brand identity and improve user experience. Billninja was a subscription management platform that suffered from people not trusting the business with their financial details. After working with Ramotion, registrations increased by 2000% because the digital agency managed to rebrand the business and produce a concept that felt trustworthy and professional. Billninja morphed into Truebill, and extensive research lead to colours and images that would evoke feelings of trust in the public. 

Another fintech startup to benefit from the Ramotion approach is Wyre. Again, this startup began life in a different incarnation, as Snapcard and Ramotion help the brand to mature. In a collaborative approach, the Wyre team were fully engaged with the Ramotion design experts and together developed a trusted new financial brand with consistency in logo and messaging. 

  • The Future of Ramotion

There is no doubt that Ramotion will continue to go from strength to strength as they add more and more successful clients to their portfolio. However, Ramotion has committed to staying small and delivering high quality, client-focused design services. This means we are unlikely to see Ramotion grow in size as the masterminds behind the business are more focused on ensuring client satisfaction and successful projects than racking up the numbers of clients on the books. 

What is for certain is that we will continue to see the rebranding of current businesses and the development of new business brands that promote a unique brand identity that is powerful and effective. Ramotion will be driving force behind many of these brand identities and, as they continue to grow in popularity, will become the ‘must have’ design agency for big-name brands, if it isn’t already! 

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