Sociopathic Dictator Extends Mask Mandate For 21 More Days

Demonstrating that he is either a wildly incompetent sociopath or that he is an evil tyrant, Dictator Sununu has extended the statewide mask mandate for another 21 days. In New Hampshire, anyone over the age of 5 will be required by law to wear a mask if they cannot consistently maintain a physical distance of at least six feet from people outside their own households.

“Our health care system is still under an immense amount of pressure,” Sununu said in a statement, ignoring the dancing nurses of TikTok and the doctors relaxing in half-empty hospitals throughout New Hampshire. “To loosen or eliminate the tools we have utilized with success so far is the wrong approach to fighting this pandemic. The light at the end of the tunnel is within sight, but we must remain vigilant and we cannot let up now.”

Nearly nobody in New Hampshire below the age of 80 has died, despite the ‘most dangerous pandemic in human history raging through the state for over a year. Considering that statistics are wildly inflated, this should be reassuring; not cause for paranoia. 

If we were really 17 months into the worst pandemic in history, we would all be dead. At the very least, the majority of our relatives would have died of COVID. And that is obviously not the case. 

Personal freedom, on the other hand, is dying. Dictator Sununu has usurped power from the legislature, in a vicious power-grab the likes of which have not been seen since Germany’s Third Reich, quite possibly. 

If we have a governor who can eliminate the elected legislature from legislative decisions, we have a dictatorship, not a republic or democracy. 

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