Proposal: Legislative Approval For Emergency After 21 Days

By Alexandra for The Liberty Block

With coronavirus hysteria seemingly ramping down, now is a good time to start implementing some of our lessons learned to make sure that we’re never again subjected to such gross violations of human rights. 

Proposed by 10 Republicans, House Bill 275 seeks to accomplish this by amending RSA 4:45: ”State of Emergency Declaration; Powers” so that the governor’s authority is reduced and more authority remains with our elected representatives. 

Instead of being able to create an endless state of emergency, the governor’s orders would have to be reviewed by the General Court (House and Senate) after the first 21 days. If both chambers approve the extension by majority votes, the state of emergency can be extended. 

If the General Court is not able to convene with the required number of members for a vote, it goes to the Executive Council. If the Executive Council votes unanimously, the state of emergency can be extended for another 21 days. 

Here’s the best part: If the Executive Council votes to extend the state of emergency for a second time, the department of revenue along with the local municipalities will not be allowed to collect taxes until the state of emergency expires or until the legislators are able to convene for a vote.

Another important amendment in this bill adds, “the governor shall not suspend existing laws or create rules by emergency order that have the force and effect of law during a state of emergency.” This means that the rule of law doesn’t simply vanish whenever one politician declares an ‘emergency’. 

HB275 limits the powers of the governor, relieves us of tax liability when we’re not being fairly represented, and protects our God-given liberties, regardless of government-proclaimed ‘emergencies’. This bill is currently in the House Executive Departments and Administration Committee and is expected to be out by March 11th 2021. 

You can email the committee and your representatives and tell them how you feel about this bill. 

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