Polls and Media are suppressing voters

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Recent polling by the New York Times reflect a 50-36 Biden lead over Trump. Other polls like NPR show Biden with a 52-44 lead. Virtually all national polls show Biden with a lead over Trump, reflecting a trend from the previous election where only Rasmussen predicted a Trump victory. A prediction Rasmussen was widely criticized for leading up to the election.

The New York Times poll showing the 14-point dismisses the 14 points as only Other. This is one of only a few polls that actually give Other as an option. Most polls fail to mention other options and require a selection between Trump or Biden. In doing so, the polls prevent other candidates from polling. This has a ripple effect of voters not realizing they have other choices, downplaying the true number of people that will vote for a 3rd-party candidate, and ultimately denying them a spot on the debate stage.

Independent polling that you won’t see broadcast across the news paints a different picture. A poll on MSNBC asking if voters would choose a 3rd-party option showed a staggering 86% considering voting for someone other than Trump-Biden.

VeriPoll, a polling of verified registered voters, is showing a 3-way split: 37% voting for Libertarian candidate Jo Jorgensen, 35% voting for President Trump, and 28% voting for Joe Biden.

The Sarcastic Republican held multiple polls pitting Biden vs Trump, Biden vs Jorgensen, and Jorgensen vs Tump. In the Jorgensen/Trump poll, over 61,900 votes were cast and the Libertarian party candidate walked away with 75% of that vote. Jorgensen also won against Biden with 95% of the vote. Other polls across social media show Jo Jorgensen with results ranging from 30% to 80%.

All of these also discount the surge of disgruntled Bernie Sander’s supporters flocking to support Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins.

Support on the ground shows immense support for an option Other than Biden or Trump, but the mainstream news media continues to silence and ignore these voters, forcing them into the “lesser of two evils” lie that has been around since the Odyssey. By ignoring these voices, the news media and national polls are participating in voter suppression. They are denying voters from hearing alternate voices on the debate stage by refusing to entertain these options on the national polls and denying fair and equitable coverage to all candidates.

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