Fake Fact-Checking

Recently, I released a video that called California’s fires “government fueled.” A few days later, Facebook inserted a warning on my video: “Missing Context. Independent fact-checkers say this information could mislead.” Some of my viewers now feel betrayed. One wrote: “Shameful, John… what happened to you!!? Your reporting was always fair… (but) your… fires story was so… […]

A Tale of Two Camps

When COVID-19 hit, I quarantined in Eastern Massachusetts. Biking around the woods, I noticed something strange. There are two campgrounds near my house. One is full. Lots of people pitch tents or park trailers at a place called Maurice’s. A short bike ride away is a much bigger campground that’s almost entirely empty. Why? It’s […]

Bet the Election

Donald Trump will probably lose the election. As I write, The Economist says he has only an 8% chance of winning. Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight, which came closest to predicting Trump’s win in 2016 and has the best track record among modelers, gives Trump just a 12% chance. But people who “put money where their mouths […]

Don’t Freak Out

Worried about Tuesday? Remember: The most important parts of life happen outside politics. Love, friendship, family, raising children, building businesses, worship, charity work — that is the stuff of life! Politicians get in the way of those things. But despite the efforts of power-hungry Republicans and Democrats, life gets better. You may not believe that. Surveys show most […]

Freeloader U

Yale University has fancy dining halls. They pay no property tax. Local restaurants struggle to compete, but their tax burden makes that hard. “We basically pay one-third of our rent in taxes!” complains Matt West, manager of Koon Thai Restaurant. “Yale is a money-making machine.” It is. Many colleges are. Yale has a $31 billion […]

‘We Have A List’: Pundits And Democrats Plan To Hold Trump Supporters Accountable

  Mary Margaret Olohan on November 11, 2020 Many media pundits and Democrats have said they are making lists of President Donald Trump’s “sycophants” or supporters following the 2020 presidential election. “Any R now promoting rejection of an election or calling to not to follow the will of voters or making baseless allegations of fraud […]

Republicans Won Crucial Elections Where Trump Failed, Sometimes Outperforming The President By Wide Margins

Andrew Trunsky on November 12, 2020 Republicans won crucial elections where Donald Trump failed, sometimes outperforming the president by wide margins. Polls leading up to Nov. 3 consistently showed Trump losing to former Vice President Joe Biden, the ultimate victor. GOP candidates similarly faced tight races, according to polls, but unlike the president, defied expectations and […]