Jorgensen Campaign meets FEC deadline, will appear in ballot in all 50 states

Jo Jorgensen, Presidential Candidate

The Libertarian Party’s candidate for President, Dr. Jo Jorgensen, has exceeded the Federal Election Commission’s (FEC) requirement of $207,000 in donations raised before the quarterly campaign finance reporting deadline of 30 June. By meeting the fundraising goal, she will appear on the ballot in all 50 states.

A candidate that received the nomination for President less than 6 weeks ago has assembled a grassroots army that rallied to raise over $14,000 in just a few hours before the deadline.

Nationwide ballot access, while taken for granted by the Democratic and Republican party candidates, has been a hurdle for third-parties that are consistently ignored by the mainstream media. Not helping matters, state Democratic and Republican parties consistently make ballot access harder each election third-parties show signs of success.

The achievement alleviates some problems for the campaign, including multiple lawsuits in states that require petitions for ballot access, but that have forbid petitioning during state lock-downs for the COVID-19 pandemic.

The biggest remaining hurdle is getting access to the debates that are monopolized by the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD). The CPD, while claiming to be an independent non-profit, has been controlled by the Democratic and Republican parties since its inception in 1987. The commission requires third-party candidates to poll at least 15% across five national polls, which coincidentally exclude any candidates other than the Democratic and Republican party nominees. Nominees that participate in the CPD debate also sign an agreement not to participate in any competing debates, effectively snuffing out any competition and depriving Americans of a fair debate and real choice.

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