Bus Accidents Put Pedestrians at Risk

Early in his journalism career, Kerry L. Tucker had a revelation: there were not enough experts reporting on law issues. Legal matters are part of daily life. Yet, there seems to be a general aversion towards them. One of the main reasons for this is that the convoluted legal language is difficult for many people to follow. Therefore, he decided to change how the law is perceived by the public. Throughout his career, he met with many people who shared their personal stories with him. Some of these hit him harder. One of the cases that stayed with him and influenced his future career development was a car accident case involving a child. From then on, he decided to zero in on car accident lawsuits.

A significant number of people prefer walking to get around. It helps to improve overall health and lift your mood. Sadly, it carries some serious risks of injuries in case a vehicle-pedestrian collision happens. Some devastating reports by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration revealed that 6,283 pedestrian deaths occurred in 2018.

These accidents will most likely leave you with severe injuries if they don’t lead to death. It can happen while standing at a bus stop, crossing the street, or walking near a roadway. 

Why Bus Accidents Are Dangerous

Car crashes may be more prevalent, but bus accidents result in more severe effects. For instance, 24,000 people were injured, and 295 killed by bus crashes in 2015, as per a report by the Federal Motor carrier Association [source]. Below are some factors that lead to the severity of bus accidents.

Considerable Weight and Size

Buses have more weight and are much more extensive than most vehicles on the roads. When a crash happens, their mass and the momentum they strike other cyclists or pedestrians can lead to catastrophic injuries.


Buses provide ample space for passengers due to their shape, making them have a heavy top. Consequently, in case of a collision, busses are likely to roll over, which increases the risk of injuring pedestrians.

Faulty Auto Parts

Different states have varying laws about the routine inspection of buses. However, even when a bus company fully complies with the evaluation schedule, a mechanic may not replace the faulty part immediately. The defective parts can easily lead to malfunctioning, injuring pedestrians.

Bus Accident Injuries

Whenever a bus accident involving pedestrians happens, there is a very high likelihood of serious injuries. These victims can suffer from moderate to severe injuries such as:


In some cases, bus accidents may result in explosions or fires leading to burns on the affected victims. The injuries may require highly specialized burn units for several weeks or months. In some worse cases, the injured party may have to undergo skin graft surgeries or live with scars for a lifetime.

Internal Bleeding and Broken Bones 

Due to the weight, size, and speed at which a bus crash may happen, it can easily break a pedestrian’s bones, cause internal bleeding, or damage organs. The victims may require specialized medical attention to correct disfigurements.

Brain Injuries 

If a bus accident strike’s the head of a pedestrian, the force that hits the skull’s inside can lead to traumatic brain injuries. Even if it’s a mild brain injury, the victim may suffer for weeks, months, or years. It can change the affected party’s life due to depression, concentrating difficulties, and sleeping problems. Others can develop long term complications that need mobility aids or perpetual medical care.

Spinal Injuries 

Severe bus crashes can damage the spinal cord leading to muscle weakness, numbness, or tingling. Others may lead to a complete shutdown of communication with the brain causing paralysis.

Compensation for Bus Accidents

Many pedestrians who sustain these injuries due to bus crashes may be struggling with economic and non-economic needs. These victims have every right to seek compensation for their current and future losses. It’s a complicated process, but your lawyer can help you determine the cost of your injuries. For instance, spinal cord victims may require continuous medical treatment for a lifetime.

According to one Dallas car accident lawyer, without an attorney, you will be left vulnerable. When a bus accident occurs, the insurer or bus company can coerce victims to settle for minimal compensation. Luckily, an experienced lawyer has the expertise to develop a persuasive case and ensure that you get the compensation you deserve. They can also help you to file a lawsuit if necessary.

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