4 Future Trends of the Sports Betting Industry

The sports betting industry is growing and evolving every year, with the potential for further progress is still huge. In this article, Telecomasia.net has tried to present how and in which directions the world of betting will evolve.

Development of mobile betting

In the modern world, speed and convenience are valued. All this is provided to bettors by mobile betting. On their smartphones, they have access to the same functionality and the same lines that are offered by the websites of bookmakers. You no longer need to wait until the evening to come home after work and make a bet from your computer. Now everything you need for betting is always at hand, right in your smartphone.

Bookmakers are encouraging the transition to mobile betting by developing more user-friendly gadget apps and offering various bonuses to those players who install them.

Machine Learning

20 years ago, all lines were drawn by hand. However, over time, the number of sporting events has grown, and interest in betting has gained unprecedented volumes, so analysts simply stopped coping. This is how the transition to mathematical models and automation took place.

The clearest example of the use of algorithms can now be seen in live betting. As the final whistle approaches, the odds on total goals drop every 10 or 15 seconds.

Perhaps, over time, bettors will develop their programs that can outsmart the computers of bookmakers, but so far the technical base of the bookmakers is becoming more and more perfect, which allows them to track and block overly successful players and identify those who use surebets.

The approach to the formation of odds will change

More and more often you can notice that small bookmakers simply copy the odds of larger bookmakers, which have a more professional staff of analysts. There is reason to believe that in the future this trend will develop, and therefore there will be some leveling of the odds in all bookmakers. Of course, the margin percentage will play its role, but in general, odds will begin to differ insignificantly, which will be completely unprofitable for those players who use the surebets strategy.

Gone are the days when bookmakers fought for players by offering them favourable odds. The emphasis now is on advertising and marketing.

Also, the odds will be more accurate. For example, bettors have long noticed that in outdoor sports, the results are influenced by the weather. Some bookmakers have already begun to take this into account when forming a line.

Betting will get complicated

More recently, bookmakers have started offering the option to buy back bets. This approach excludes the possibility of a complete loss, since a part of the bet amount is returned to the player. Also, some bettors use hedging bets as so to lock in profits, they bet on the opposite outcome with higher odds.

Most likely, in the future, the bookmaker market will become even more similar to the financial one, where various options help the player not to lose everything, as well as ways to lock in profits.

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